Vessel Tempus Shore

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Video and Sound Installation

Filmed on Lough Ree

May 2021

Influenced by the writings of Bergson and Deleuze, this work reflects on how we conceptualise time and narrative, as well as how language can limit our experience.

The viewer enters the installation in the midst of things, as the works loop at different lengths to create a condition of constant change, with no definitive beginning or ending. A boat that has been left to gather rainwater shows the reflection of a day passing through it. Across from this, the shore of an island acts as a boundary that is circled but never crossed.

Different moments of time are brought together through a shifting soundscape, signifying change through sounds of bird song, ice along the shore and a boat rowing through the empty space. The movements of ‘Storm Ys’ are predicted and recorded through Shipping Forecasts over the course of thirteen November days.

Placed at set intervals, these forecasts punctuate the work. Combining imagery of transition and stillness, the work is characterised by a slow but continuous motion. The use of the forecasts contrasted with this stillness implies a distance, as though the storm is elsewhere, for now.

This work was developed during a period of large and frequent death tolls in the news. It reflects on the dissonance between the role of the storm as a climactic event within a narrative, and its description within the limited, predetermined format of a shipping forecast.

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